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What we offer.


Programming is the process of outlining the problem we are seeking to solve via the resulting design. During this process we outline with our clients each and every space, function, and sensation that is desired in the scope of the project.  This process can often be extremely granular or left as an overview such that requires deeper design discussions with our various subject matter experts.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the discovery process through which we connect with the jurisdictions having authority over the project often including building, zoning, planning, health, and engineering municipality departments.  This process results in the delivery of a site investigation report for each project that outlines the requirements, timelines, and anticipated fees to complete the permits and forms needed to complete the planned development.

Design Development

Design Development spans several phases of design ultimately resulting in a set of drawings and/or images that embody the desired product for the client. This effort varies in extensiveness by project scope and overall spans through sketch based concept drawings, site planning, schematic design, specifications, architectural visualization, and design documentation.

Rendering and Visualization

Rendering and Visualization is our process of modeling, materializing, lighting, and experiencing a virtual view of the planned design. The scope of our past projects have been as detailed as a kitchen remodel and as broad as a city block.  The level of detail can vary from sketch perspective or virtual reality fly through.  This service, though offered as part of our design development process is also available a la carte.

BIM Template Development

BIM Template development offers our nationwide developers a highly organized and trainable tool from which to produce and adapt a concept to sites anywhere. The benefit of this tool is immeasurable when it comes to reducing production timelines, visualizing each space quickly, training A&E resources, and creating a consistent communication from design to construction over tens to hundreds of active projects in design or construction.

Construction Documentation

Construction Documentation coordinates the existing conditions, LL or lease exhibits, engineering, detailing, local permitting requirements, bidding instructions, and construction regulations in a comprehensive set of drawings for each project to be permitted, bid, and constructed. The scope of this effort is directly proportional to the size and complexity of the project.

Project Coordination

Project Coordination occurs throughout the lifetime of the project and is something we also offer a la carte to consult with our clients through their pre-planning and due diligence into the design and construction documents, and to the final ribbon cutting. Whether we are providing a single service or our full list of services we view ourselves as full development partners and through our project coordination and consultation advise our clients every step of the way.

Utility Planning

Utility Planning is the discovery process through which we connect with the utility providers for the planned development and outline the existing service, upgrade requirements, application process, new service timeline, and anticipated fees.  This process results in the delivery of a report and filling out the utility systems design requirements in the required applications.


In our permitting services we actively submit and track project documentation through the required processes for each project jurisdiction to expedite plan approval and permit award.  Our team utilizes the time spent in due diligence and throughout the course of the project to connect with the permit technicians and plan reviewers promoting support for the success of the project from the onset and through construction.

Construction Administration

Construction administration offers site visitation and observation during the construction efforts and advising on issues in the field as well as reviewing the progress against the documented set of plans. Construction administration also offers response and coordination to contracts, RFI’s, submittals, and pay apps.

3rd Party Plan Review

Our 3rd Party Plan Review is qualified in multiple jurisdictions and disciplines to perform plan reviews on behalf of municipalities whose permit review team may be experiencing delays or whose review process is setup to utilize design professionals to assist in these processes.

RAS (Registered Accessiblity Specialist)

In the state of Texas a Registered Accessibility Specialist is required for all projects upon submittal of the project for permit.  When registering your project with TDLR you may search for Omar Munoz our director of development services who is pleased to perform the site inspections and plan reviews associated with this requirement for your project.